Launch insurance to your customers, fast
We make it easy for you to integrate insurance into your product by providing
everything you need to get started - through an API.
The complete insurance toolkit
Root is designed to enable quick integration into the complexities of a legacy industry. Whether you're selling goods online, offering a service to your customers, managing a club, or are just looking for ways to increase your revenue channels, our APIs and expert guidance will help you sell insurance to your customers in no time.
Issue policies using APIs
Easily integrate policy issuing straight into your customer experience, whether it’s an app, website or call centre, through easy to use REST APIs.
Collect premiums simply
Choose between debit orders, credit card billing, or your own method - we handle collection, retries and retention, with accounting and reconciliation built right in.
Handle claims efficiently
Everything you need to process claims efficiently for short- and long-term insurance, from integrated 3rd-party claims handlers to automated payouts.
Compliant communications
out of the box
We take care of the entire policy life-cycle, from inception to closure, communicating with the policyholders at all critical touch points, while giving you full oversight and control.

Manage your customers as and when needed, with the comfort that all compliance requirements are in check.
Complete programmatic access
Creating efficient insurance products requires granular access to every part of the value chain. With Root Insurance everything is accessible through REST APIs, allowing you to integrate your own tools and systems in minutes.
End-to-end guidance from our experts
We help you with every step of the way to navigate through all the complexities of launching an insurance offering, from licensing setup to connecting you to reinsurers, making sure you get a compliant insurance product out in the market fast.

We help you:
  • Design a compliant product from the start
  • Set up legal with an insurance license provider
  • Operate a compliant insurance operation
We work with top reinsurers, including
How companies are using Root Insurance
Hero Insurance
Hero Life takes out the uncertainty and hassle for young parents when buying life insurance. The first version of Hero was built on Root in just two days.

Renting a car makes you liable for an excess payment in the event of an accident. CarSure takes this off your hands. Using Root, CarSure was able to turn their product into a digital offering within a few weeks.
Learn to build on our APIs at OfferZen’s Make events
OfferZen Make runs regular workshops; hosting developers for a full day's worth of learning and building in a low pressure environment. Join a Make Day to learn how to use our APIs.

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