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Enabling financial services in the modern age

Root is a financial services platform, built from the ground up, with the goal of opening up FinTech innovation. Recognising the high barriers to entry, Root packages the “hard things” in financial services and exposes a platform of programmable financial services through easy-to-use APIs. This enables software developers and innovators to prototype, build and launch financial services products, fast.

Root was founded in 2016 and has since built their platform to cater for both banking and insurance innovation.


The Root team is based in Gardens, Cape Town and is headed up by Louw Hopley. After successfully launching and operating an iPhone app development company in New York and Silicon Valley, Louw headed back to South Africa to start Root with Malan & Philip Joubert from OfferZen.


Root believes that developers are the inventors and builders of the future. Making developers’ lives easier, which includes their ability to innovate, is part of Root’s mission. Everything, therefore, is approached from a developer-first perspective.